Chaos Before the Calm NOT Calm Before the Storm

Chaos before the calm – that’s our life right now.

I know the saying goes calm before the storm, but that does not apply to us at the moment. As the date of our

PIles of boxes everywhere.

departure draws closer, there seems to be some much still to do. Which is why last week I missed, for the first time since I started this blog, my weekly post and newsletter.

But sometimes it is not possible to fit everything in, and one has to prioritise. Now that school is out of the way, I can catch up with the blog and the newsletter again, and focus on emptying the flat and getting ready to depart.

So yes, right now, especially as I look around the flat, it is chaos before the calm.

The flat is upside down with  cardboatd boxes, clothes, books, you name it,  everywhere. I have sorted all my clothes and taken several bags to the charity – again! I did a sort out in January when I donated or binned about half my clothes. Now, I realised there were still lots I never wear, so they went to charity, too.

Even though moving is stressful in many ways, it is the perfect excuse to be brutal and really think about your possessions. Sometimes we hang on to things when really it is best to let them go.

Chaos before the calm with clothes and stuff spread out everywhere
And then there are piles of clothes…

And in the process of clearing out and letting go, I find myself £40 richer. I found £10 in an old handbag – glad I checked, £10.50 in Tesco vouchers in my bedside cabinet drawer and a £20 note in my underwear drawer. Now, why there was money in there, I have no idea 🤣.

It hasn’t helped that Justin’s new touring bike with all the bags and panniers arrived yesterday in two huge boxes!

He got a bargain of a touring bike from Ebay. A cyclist from Scotland was selling his touring bike with the full setup of bags and panniers and even a Garmen watch! Justin is now fully sorted. And the seller donated £100 for our fundraiser. How nice is that!

I’m picking up a new bike in Finland. I could have used my faithful Specialized, but the back break is playing up. And you definitely need breaks that work 100% when coming down the mountains. Could be in deep shit otherwise!

The funny thing is that though outwardly everything is in chaos right now, inside I feel calm. Of course I’m nervous about the ride, after all, we’ve never done anything like this before! But nerves aside, I feel totally calm and relaxed. This ride was always meant to happen and I know it will be a huge success and raise lots of money to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Bike box
And now we have two of these two…

We have upped the anti on the fundraising now that the start date approaches, and have raised an awesome £535 already!

If you haven’t donated yet and wish to do so, here is the link to our Just Giving page. We want to raise at least £2,000 but would obviously love to smash that target!

But now it’s back to packing for me. Not the longest post, but didn’t want to let another week go by without posting. After this weekend, the chaos around us eases and I can dedicate more time to writing.

Make sure you check back for the promised post about walking tour of London. I also have a pub recommendation post coming up where you will find out more of my favourite London drinking establishments and of course, soon there will be plenty of updates comin up from the road.

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Until next time!

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2 thoughts on “Chaos Before the Calm NOT Calm Before the Storm

  1. I’m so excited for you! I’m just wondering, after reading this, how come a note of £20 was in your underwear drawer 😳😅

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