Marsden March to Fundraise for The Royal Marsden

On Sunday 23rd May, I took part in the Marsden March with a couple of friends and my sister who were all up for walking 15 miles (about 24 kilometres). We had initially signed up for the March last year, but like so many events, it got cancelled because of Covid.

The organisers hoped that we could all march together this year, but to keep everyone safe, the march was adapted to ‘Marsden March at Home’. Participants were encouraged to create their own 5 or 15 mile walks. I walked with my friends in London while my sister got together a gang of walkers in Helsinki. Pictures from the Marsden March

Why we walked the Marsden March

I probably don’t need to elaborate why I walked. The reasons are the same as why I’m cycling across Europe this summer.

But, in case of first time readers, a little bit of background. I was diagnosed with womb cancer in March 2019 and following a radical hysterectomy, received chemo and radiotherapy at the Royal Marsden in Chelsea. I want to express my gratefulness for the wonderful care I received and to raise money for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

The charity supports the work and research carried out at Royal Marsden. Royal Marsden is one of the leading cancer hospitals in the world and their research benefits cancer patiens everywhere.

My friends and sister were equally keen to support the charity. Scientists estimate that half of the population will get cancer at some point in their life. I’m sure we can all name several people we know who have had cancer (never did I imagine I would be one of those people). Some of them are survivors, but others have sadly lost their lives. The work at Royal Marsden means more people have a chance to survive.

They also carry out reserach into cancer genetics and preventing cancer in people like me who have inherited genes that increase our risk of certain cancers.

Where we walked

Sue who was one of the friends doing the walk with me, is the queen of walking. She has triend and tested if not all, then a large majority of London walks and therefore was the perfect person to plan our route.

She came up with a few suggestions for our 15 mile walk and we picked one that took us through Richmond Park, Wimbledon Common and Wandsworth Common. If you are going to walk that far, you might as well make it as scenic as possible.

I have been to Richmond Park several times on my bike, but I had never walked through the park. Before this, I had never been to Wimbledon Park so it was a great route choice to experience and see something new.

We really are lucky in London to have so many beautiful parks with so much wildlife.

For anyone who wishes to do the walk, it was part of the Capital Ring Walk. We did an adaptation of sections five and six.

The amazing outcome of the walk.

I have just learnt how much the walk has raised so far: over £840,000! That is an amazing amount of money. The money raised will help Royal Marsden to build the Oak Cancer Centre and ensure that more cancer patients can access the expert care and treatment they offer.

My friends and I raised £755 towards the total and want to thank everyone who donated. If you haven’t had the chance to donate and would like to do so, just click here.

Thank you for being here and reading the post.

Until next time!

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