Time to Take Action

If you were expecting a return to the cycling equipment theme this week, I’m sorry to disappoint you. My mind is still preoccupied thinking about gratitude and how, if we want to change something, the time to take action is now.

The time to take action is now

How often do we postpone things until tomorrow or next week or month? Until the time is right?

I have said it before and I will say it again: I was the queen of procrastination. My manuscript sat in my bedside drawer for years until the diagnosis prompted me to get it out and work on it. I was waiting to have the time to work on it. However, the truth is I had the time. I just didn’t make the time.

Now I make time for things that really matter to me. For things I am passionate about and bring me joy. I want to make my living doing something which gives me pleasure rather than makes me stressed, like teaching or cringe like the telesales job.

Mind you, there was a benefit to the telesales job. I hated it so much that it pushed me to apply for lots of writing, proofreading, and translating jobs. And the result? I already have enough work to cover my share of the bills. And that is just within two weeks.

My point? Nothing changes unless we take action. It is pointless to complain about our job, or relationships or money situation if we do nothing about it. If you want to change things about your life, figure the right steps for you and then take action. When you take action, things start to fall into place.

Take me, for example. I have always wanted to be a writer. Now, I am actually getting paid to write and I know it is only a matter of time until I have an agent and a publisher for my book. I love what I’m doing now so much that it doesn’t even feel like work. It happened because I – finally – took action.

It is so much easier to enjoy every moment when we are doing something we like. When we are not spending the day at work watching the clock and wishing we were somewhere else.

I have definitely been on a learning journey since my diagnosis. It has been a journey that has taught me to practice a more mindful attitude of gratitude. A journey that pushed me to take action.

Do I have any regrets?

Yes, and no.

I regret it took cancer to wake me into taking action.

But no, because I have learnt so much and it has made me a more grateful and better person. And I’m grateful that the journey still continues.

I remind myself to live every moment and to live my best life. Nobody knows when our time is up.

We could live many, many more years, but life can also be snatched away in a second. That’s why the time to take action to create the life you want is now.

If you are not happy where you are right now, don’t wait until something scares the shit out of you to change things. The time to take action is today. However small or large, any action is better than no action and watch how life begins to change.

In the comments, write about something you would like to change or achieve. We are more likely to achieve our goals, intentions, and dreams when we share them.

Until next time, and as always, thank you for being here.

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One thought on “Time to Take Action

  1. I love your strength and see how empowered you have become!
    One thing I would like to achieve is working for myself and create a stable income.

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