What is Happening With May Challenges?

I have been so focused on writing about my cycling routes, that I have forgotten to update you on my May challenge. In fact I should say challenges, as I took on two. Note the past tense there…

On my training ride

At the start of the month I thought why give myself just one challenge, when I can have two 😂? Especially as they were two very different challenges.

Seriously speaking, I have found that giving myself challenges and telling about them to you all and on my social media, improves my changes of success. Hand on heart, I don’t think I EVER in my nearly 45 years, completed a fitness challenge prior to January’s yoga challenge.

The difference: sharing my goal. I felt that once I told everyone what I aimed to achieve the pressure was on. And it worked. I’ve successfully completed all but one challenge.

The one I couldn’t complete was the splits challenge. I did something to my right leg – overstreched it most likely in my eagerness to do the splits – and had to abort the  challenge.

Map of a ride to Richmond park
353 metres, when I thought I’d done at least a kilometre!

So what are – correction were –  my May challenges?

#1 cycling climbing challenge

It made sense to set myself another cycling challenge since at the time of writing we only have two and a half months 😱 until we start our ride across Europe.

I knew it was unlikely I would beat my April distance since April had the advantage of a two-week Easter holiday. What I could go for, insted, was Strava’s monthly cycling climbing challenge.

I am growing increasingly aware that I need to battle some huge climbs as soon as the ride kicks off from Northern Norway. And I am s*** at climbing!

A break whilst working on May challenges
A moment’s rest

HOWEVER, after my first ride dedicated to climbing practice, I realised the 7,500 metre target was unrealistic this month. I went out to Richmond Park as there are some good climbs and it’s not too far from home. Once there, I went up and down the steepest climb four times, followed by a loop around the park with longer, but less steep climbs.

When I got home, I felt sure I must have done at least one kilometre’s worth of climbing. WRONG! I had climbed only 353 metres!

I’ll still include as much climbing as possible in my rides this month, but I have to accept the 7,500 metre target will remail just that, a target.

Next month I’ll try again. With some planning ahead for weekend routes that include plenty of hills.

#2 finishing the edits of book number one

Holding my red editing pen
My best friend when editing

Since I have been focusing so much on my cycling challenges, I have put the edits of book number one on the backburner. That’s why May challenges include finish editing.

By the way, book number one deserves a proper name. I’m hoping I’ll have a lightbulb moment while I’m editing.

I have neglected the book and need to divide my time more equally between writing and riding. I have therefore set myself a target to finish the edits by the end of the month.

This is the fourth round of editing, including a complete rewrite of the first draft. These edits are based on the feedback I received from my beta readers. Who all, thank God, loved the book. In fact, I got a few ‘couldn’t put it down’ comments. You can only imagine how amazing that felt!

Once this round of edits are done, I can start contacting agents. Exciting!

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Editing is one of my May challenges
When you think the last round of edits was THE LAST…

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And before you go, I’d love it if you would read my latest poem. It is a personal response to a writing challenge about what makes us unique. I’d also love to hear your thoughts on it.

Thank you for being here and reading the post.

Until next time!

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  1. Best of luck with the editing and finding a publisher. I look forward to hearing more about the book.

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